Wine Tourism in Israel is Growing

Wine Tourism in Israel is Growing

Israel has a lot to offer to lure travelers. Located within the area known as one of the cradles of civilization with a distinctly Mediterranean climate it fascinates with ancient archaeological and historic sites, wide beaches and unbelievable landscapes. But not everyone realizes that Israel is becoming one of the most prominent regions for wine lovers .

History of viticulture in Israel goes back to the Biblical times. Wine played an important role in early Israelite’s’ religious ceremonies. After few turbulent turns in the history of the region and close to almost total eradication in the 7th century the wine industry slowly but surely has been getting back to on its feet and it’s yet to achieve is peak. Nowadays it is growing faster than ever before adapting the technologies and the know-how brought form Italy, France, USA and Australia with over ten times more wine producers than just 10 years ago.

Israel’s Wine Country is divided into five official regions, all with different character and different growing conditions: green Galilee located on a volcanic plateau producing premier wines due to the high altitudes and cool breezes; bringing back the ancient past Shomron – the largest growing area settled in the centre of the biblical Kingdom of Israel; washed by the Mediterranean and  cuddled to Tel Aviv-Jaffa  Samson where you can find first wineries of the modern Israeli viticulture; Judean Hills dappled with narrow vineyards and boutique wineries; and semi-arid Negev home of the biggest and the most modern wine producer in Israel – Carmel.

israelwine_02Wine culture is slowly spreading throughout Israeli cities where you can find not only wine bars and fine restaurants but also local eateries offering a great choice of local wines.

The quality-conscious approach and combining innovative technology with drawing  from the ancient tradition caused that in the consciousness of a wine passionate Israel no longer appears as making only mediocre sweet sacramental wines in inexpensive bottles. More and more wineries are producing outstanding dry reds and whites that are widely exported gaining recognition in the wine world making Israel well worth a visit.

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