Luxury Wine Travel Part One: American Adventure

Luxury Wine Travel Part One: American Adventure

  • Posted: Dec 03, 2014
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Exotic locations, exquisite food, 5 star hotels, and aged wine from top vineyards. No matter how you define luxury, wine travel is hands down the best way to experience it. With that in mind, we’ve prepared a themed trip idea to help get you started on your way to luxury wine travel.

For this trip, we will be referring to the offerings of one of our tour operators, Beau Wine Tours. While they had no idea this article was being written, luxury wine travel is their specialty and they service some of the premiere wine regions of the USA. Since this is “have your people call our people” sort of travel, it’s best to go with the pro’s on this adventure.

Day 1: Arriving in Wine Country

Upon landing at San Francisco International airport you will be greeted by your personal chauffeur who will assist you with your luggage and escort you to your car. From there you will be transported to Napa Valley in style, where upon arrival you will check into one of it’s five star wine focused lodging options. After a short rest the driver will pick you up for a sunset limo ride with glass of pre-dinner champagne. Since the area has more Michelin stars per capita than any other location in the US dinner will no doubt be outstanding. After dinner you will be taken back to the hotel where you can enjoy a massage before heading to bed.

Day 2: Taking Flight


We did mention adventure right? You will start your day with a breathtaking hot air balloon ride over Napa Valley followed by a Champagne breakfast. You will spend the rest of the day on a private limo tour of premium, boutique Napa Valley wineries. Of course sparkling wine is available in your limo if you get thirsty along the way. At night you will return to Napa Valley for some more great dining options.

Day 3: Building the Collection


Today’s luxury takes a more relaxed pace. Sadly the limo will have to stay at home, but the trade off is that you will be escorted to some of the top private wine estates in the country. This is really about seeking out the best wine and expanding your cellar with an itinerary that is customized to your wine tastes. Dining will an equally unique experience that will feature a winemaker dinner in a cave, catered by a private chef.

Day 4: Heading Home

Your driver will pick you up after checkout with limousine transport back to SFO to catch your first class ticket back home, or maybe to your next luxury wine destination.

Note: We researched put this mock itinerary together based upon information we found via our providers website. As with any service at this level almost every part can be customized to your liking and isn’t an off the shelf package. We recommend getting in touch with any of our providers and creating your own luxury wine travel experience.

In part two we set out to plan the perfect Mediterranean getaway. What does luxury wine travel mean to you? Did we miss any key elements? Let us know and we can incorporate your suggestions into part two of the series.

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