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Discover the secrets and the history of winemaking in Rhodes, an island known for its fine wines, unique soil and sunshine. Rhodes Tourtlee Wine Tour offers wine tasting experiences and you can uncork some of the most impressive wines of Greece, and let your palate guide your senses to the unknown flavors of the local grape varieties.
The soil and microclimate, the vines and cultivating techniques, the unique grape varieties and the modern vinification techniques are just some of the highlights of our exceptional guided tours in Rhodes.
We introduce visitors to the local wine culture, providing guests with in-depth information and secrets of winemaking lost in history. Find your perfect tour-excursion in Rhodes and enjoy a very personalized wine tasting.


Wine, Olive Oil and Honey Tasting Tour & Butterfly Valley

Wine, Olive Oil and Honey Tasting Tour & Butterfly Valley

  • Tour Location: Rhodes Greece
  • Tour Duration: 5 hours
  • Group Size: 2 Minimum, 18 Maximum
50 euro / PP

The Tour

On this small group guided wine, olive oil and honey tasting tour, taste up to 10 different wine varieties, sample extra virgin olive oil and honey from the local farmers, and take a behind-the-scenes look of the famous local family winery of Rhodes.
Winery in Rodos follows a tradition of 2,400 years! A story from those early days tells how the Cretans, jealous of Rodos’ fame for high quality wine, copied Rodian amphorae in an attempt to pass off their own wine as Rodian.
In order to eliminate poorer quality grapes, Rodians destroyed vineyards on the Lindos side, where the climate is too hot and dry and now all the growing is concentrated on the western side, around the village of Embonas. Here many small vineyards are located in specific cooler microclimates where granite stones in the soil helps by increasing humidity which in turn improves the flavor. “Athiri”, a very old local variety of white grape, is grown in vineyards on lower slopes below Embonas while mountain regions produce a better quality of red grape.
The Company Agricultural Industry of Rhodes (CAIR) was started by the Italians in 1928. Now Greek owned and operated, the company produced (in 1992) a special white wine “Rodos 2400”, to celebrate the foundation of the city of Rhodes. Vineyards are specially selected for the quality of grapes used under each specific label and are constantly monitored. The cooperative is proud of a track record that includes the preservation of the island’s winemaking legacy, shepherding the establishment of the island’s appellation status in 1971 and competing successfully in the Greek market during the quality revolution of the past two decades.
CAIR’s wine is produced on two sites. The original site, in Rhodes city, produces “Chevalier”, “llios”and “Retsina” while the remaining labels now come from the new plant near just outside the city, where the latest technology is employed.
“Ilios” – Dry white wine from the “Athiri” grape.
“Chevalier de Rodos” – Dry red wine from the “Mandilaria”. Locals say that it the same wine drunk by the ‘Knights’.
“Platoni” – A white, rose or red table wine from the “Athiri” and “Mandilaria” grapes.
“Moulin” – A white, rose, red, dry and semi-dry table wine. Produced from a mix of varieties including “Cabernet Sauvignon” and “Grenache”. The semi-dry white and rose, with a light, delicate flavour are particularly palatable with a meal or on their own.
“Rodos 2400” – A dry white wine from the “Athiri” grape, full of fruits flavors.
“Arxontiko” (“Chateau”) – A dry red wine from a mix of grapes. Lovers of red wines will appreciate the subtle hint of blackcurrant – best of the reds!
“Muscat de Rodos” – A sweet white wine of the “Moschato” variety.
“Amandia” – Sweet red wine.
“Retsina” – Natural resin and the “Athiri” grape combined to make this an excellent lightly resinated crisp white wine.
“CAIR Brut & Demi-Sec” – A very drinkable sparkling wine from the “Athiri” grape.
“Nisiotikos” –  Available in large as well as standard size bottles, this white, rose or red wine is ideal for general use.
From the traditional tastes as its excellent retsina to its famous sweet muscat wines and from its champions in the quality/price ratio to the “young people” bottles as the “Maestro” or the prestigious cabernet bottles of “Kellaria ton Ippoton”. All these wines are available for purchase by the bottle directly from the cellars of the old factory in very competing prices.
Another local winery which we are going to visit is Triantafillou at Butterfly Valley. Triantafillou winery was started on 1995 and later on 2002 they moved here to this beautiful location. In the beginning they started with only two wines and now they are producing more than 10 different type of wines:“Athiri”, Red wine “Mandilari”, “Muscat”, “Cabernet Sauvignon” and many more. Triantafillou winery is also producers of “Souma” (distillate of wine) and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. For the vineyards and wines they are using only biological growth and biological process.
After wine, olive oil and honey tasting you will have free time at Butterfly Valley (in Greek “Petaloúdes”), where every year, at the end of the wet season (late May), thousands of butterflies attracted by the scent of the Oriental Sweetgum trees cover the entire landscape.
Apart from this unique nature reserve’s aesthetic value, it is also the site of the only natural forest of “Liquidambar orientalis” (Oriental Sweetgum trees) in Europe, and a resting point for the “Jersey tiger” (Panaxia Quadripunctaria), a nocturnal moth. An excellent place for families with children who wish to enjoy the beauties of nature and examine the life cycle of butterflies as part of their summer holiday.

Departure Information

Departure: Every Monday and Friday at 10:00 (approx.) Return: 15:00 (approx.)
Wine Tasting in Embonas with Romantic Sunset at Monolithos

Wine Tasting in Embonas with Romantic Sunset at Monolithos

  • Tour Location: RhodesGreece
  • Tour Duration: 7 hours
  • Group Size: 2 Minimum, 6 Maximum
150 euro per person for up to 2 persons, 100 euro per person for up to 4 persons / PP

The Tour

Book a date for romantic sunset at Monolithos Castle in South Rhodes. The castle was built around 1480 by the Knights of St John and it is certainly an impressive sight. The structure of the enormous rock is breathtaking by itself and it evokes its name Monolithos (Lonely Rock) perfectly. The fortress at Monolithos came under attack many times but no one ever were able to conquer it.

In old times, this castle was considered one of the four most powerful fortresses on the island, but today only the external walls fortifications remain. Inside the perimeter of the walls there are two 15th century chapels, St Panteleimon and St George. Looking around the ruins it is easy to notice that the castle was actually built on the foundations of another, older castle.

But it’s not for the ruins or even the beautiful whitewashed churches you should climb there – it’s the breathtaking view that looks over the sea and the numerous islets off the western coast, the mountain of Akramytis and innumerable hills, as well as the village of Monolithos below. As a visitor once said: “In Greece, you know, the landscape often gives you a sense of the presence of Gods. The site of Monolithos is certainly one of these”.

We will stay there for the romantic sunset, which we believe is even more spectacular than in Santorini!

But before that we are going to visit Stafylos in Embonas village for wine tasting! Embonas village is famous for the big amount of vineyards and unbelievably good wine. For our stop there you will be able to see a small traditional house of Embonas and to have a feeling how the people of the village used to live many years ago.

Ever wonder how “souma” drink is made? We are going to show you the distillery where locals are producing it, where you will taste this drink together with different kinds of honey, oil and BIG amounts of incredible good local wines, which you will never find in supermarkets to buy! Take your time to try as many as you want under the view of Attaviros mountain.

After wine tasting you are going to have a free time in Embonas village, where we recommend to try local delicatessens, such as tyrocrocketes, pitaroudia, anthus and many more. Combined with local wine it will leave you unforgettable memories.

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