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Masia Olivera, a touristic complex in El Penedès, the wine region near Barcelona

You are about to discover a delightful, quiet place, a resort in the midst of a winemaking area where you can spend a wonderful weekend or a week with your children, or celebrate a wedding or birthday.

Masia Olivera is a wine tourism complex, consisting of several separate lodgings and a number of multipurpose spaces where you can celebrate events all surrounded by vineyards. It is located in the heart of El Penedès, halfway from Sant Sadurní, the capital of cava (4 km), and Vilafranca del Penedès, the capital of wine and the region of Alt Penedès (8 km).

Masia Olivera is the perfect place to spend some vacation days in any of the cottages and experience the world of wine and cava. It’s a group of spaces where you can celebrate special events with family or friends. It is the ideal environment to organize a work meeting, a corporate presentation, or a cooperative conference. Ultimately, Masia Olivera is the environment that changes according to your needs.

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  1. Masia Olivera is best suited for families that want to get away from the modern and return to a country experience. For those expecting connection with the world, Masia Olivera does not deliver. I had to use the Internet for my work, I was never able to establish a connection. My wife and I had a double bed in one of the units that had two bedrooms. We had to share a small bathroom. When attempting to shave, I had to squat since if I stood I was on level with the lights and the mirror was several centimeters below me. Our room, although spacious, had a thin mattress on the bed that was lumpy in areas. It was uncomfortable for spending the night. The open space area had plenty of seating on hard surfaces. There was a fully equipped kitchen that families may like. I could not recommend this lodging facilities for anyone that wants modern facility. However, families that want to have a more rustic experience may enjoy lodging at Masia Olivera.

  2. We were told Masia Olivera would be romantic and while the setting is indeed pastoral and lovely, the accommodations were less so in my opinion.

    I don’t know about you but my idea of romantic does not include 5 people sharing one bathroom in a country house. Call me crazy, but that’s a little too cozy for my tastes.

    My tiny windowless bedroom with a screened opening in the door reminded me of a confessional booth where one goes to confess their sins to the priest at church. This arrangement while far from ideal, did allow me time to reflect upon my Catholic upbringing and left me wondering what my life may have been like had I become a nun instead of a wine & travel writer. The furnishings of the room and particularly the stark and narrow bed were more suited to a novitiate sworn to the vow of poverty.

    I spent much of the evening imaging I was on the set of “A Nun’s Story” the famous film in which of Audrey Hepburn plays Sister Luke, a woman who decides to enter a convent and make many sacrifices for her faith.

    Unfortunately, I’m not Audrey Hepburn and no amount of magical thinking could make this lodging experience anything but a penance for unknown sins.

    Disclosure: My stay was sponsored and hosted courtesy of 50 Great Cava tour.

  3. Masia Olivera is located close to vineyards. It offers two lodging units. The one we stayed in offered two bedrooms with one small bathroom to share.
    A kitchen is available on the lower level. I would classify the lodging as very rustic but as one writer posted this could be a good spot to stay for families who want to get away from a busy life and relax. Children would enjoy the large outside area for running and playing.
    Note: We visited Masia Olivera as part to the Wine Pleasures’ 50 Great Cava Media Tour.

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