More than 600 hectares of vineyards, cultivated lands and forests surround the majestic castle, proof of the Oller’s history located in Manresa, Bages, in the heart of Catalonia, under the watchful eye of the venerated Montserrat Mountain.

Knights, nobles, monks, artisans… The history of the lineage stars men and women who fought in battles remaining faithful to their ideals and left their mark on the historic memory of Catalonia. On the walls of the castle Oller del Mas we find remnants of a unique history: that of Joan, Bernat, Arnau, Jeroni, Jaume, Bonifaci… Some of the Ollers are immortalized in the valuable portraits from the Middle Ages and that, still today, belong to the

Their history starts with Arnau Oller, who took part in the “Reconquista” of Barcelona and Catalonia in 964. He was acknowledged with the nobility title by Count Borrell II. Today, more than 1000 years later, the Margenat family, Arnau Oller’s heir, preserves the lineage with pride and dignity.

This spectacular scene is an unequaled setting to start a new wine project, modern and creative, to put new colours, flavours and aromas within your sense’s reach.

The past and the present are also reflected in the vineyards of Oller del Mas. New vines of merlot, cabernet and other foreign varieties live together with earlier indigenous varieties. Vines rooted in a fertile soil and accompanied by a unique climate will become the basis for high quality wines. Vineyards reemerge from a glorious past before the grape phylloxera when they produced their best. A century later, the stone huts spread all over the estate, proof that the ancient inhabitants already grew vines. These huts called “barracas de viña” coexist with the most modern technologies during the wine production. The land, worked with care, is giving back the best: bunches that will be carefully selected and manually harvested in their picking time of ripeness and acidity when the harvest celebration begins.

The technology is the protagonist of the new cellar placed in the property. The entire process will be planned by the young team of professionals and will
be controlled with precision from the birth of the fruit until the squeezing of its first juicing. This is the only way to obtain a wine with its own personality and lineage.

The authentic cellar of the castle has recovered its splendor with this new project. The wine rests under the protection of the ancestors who watch over the care of traditional know-how. The French oak barrels are the perfect place for the wine to rest once the vinification is over, while the fruit and wood aromas gain life and shape the distinct varieties cultivated at Oller del Mas. Time and our wine makers will be witnesses to the awakening of these
exceptional wines.


Winery tour including wine tasting (basic tour)

Winery tour including wine tasting (basic tour)

  • Tour Location: Manresa,Barcelona, Spain
  • Tour Duration: 2 hours
  • Group Size: 2 Minimum, 30 Maximum
15.00 Euros / PP

Historical tour of the estate and the X century Oller del Mas castle followed by a visit to the vineyards
and cellar. Here you will find out about our wine making process. Then you will go on a visit of the castle
and the barrel aging room. Finally, we will conclude the tour with a wine and olive oil tasting.

The breakfast and snack option

The breakfast and snack option

  • Tour Location: Manresa,Barcelona,Spain
  • Tour Duration: 2 hours
  • Group Size: 2 Minimum, 30 Maximum
20.00 Euros / PP

The breakfast and snack option includes the basic tour however the wine tasting at the end of the tour is accompanied by a brunch or afternoon snack. This includes a selection of tapas and cakes.

The lunch tour

The lunch tour

  • Tour Location: Manresa, Barcelona, Spain
  • Tour Duration: 3 hours
  • Group Size: 2 Minimum, 30 Maximum
35.00 Euros / PP

The lunch option includes everything in the basic tour. After the wine tasting, guests enjoy a lunch prepared using local ingredients. Guests can sit by the pool or on the terrace enjoying spectacular views of Montserrat mountains and the golf course.


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