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From Bark to Bottle Spain’s Cork Forest Eco-Tour

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If you have a passion for great wine, food, culture and nature, our From Bark to Bottle eco-tour was made for you. Traveling to 3 of Spain’s most beautiful and un-traveled regions you will visit the cork forests to see this most sustainable and unique forestry. You’ll visit artisanal wineries, cheese and jamon producers, be guided through three UNESCO cities and stay in 4 star hotels and agro-tourismos. Limited to four tours each year, (during the harvest) and 10 travelers per tour, you will share an intimate experience with the people of these forests. To learn more about the tour, itinerary, travel dates and to sign up, please visit:

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  1. We had the pleasure of being on the June, 2016 tour. Wonderful in all respects.It exceeded our expectations and we recommend it without hesitation.

  2. This was an extraordinary tour…very educational, met great people, ate delicious food, and drank and learned about delicious Spanish wines. This is a trip for those who are ready for unique experiences with wonderful people…a terrific way to gain insight and enjoy oneself! WE had never realized the importance of the cork industry until this trip. We highly recommend it!

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