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The Batzella estate is a family enterprise created from the passion for wine of the owners, Khanh Nguyen and Franco Batzella, who in 2000 decided to leave behind their 20 years+ of experience in international finance to return to Italy and take on a new life challenge: making the best terroir wines in Bolgheri on the West Coast of Tuscany.  They founded the estate ex novo, planting 8 hectares of new vineyards with mostly Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, two varietals that are by now recognized as perfect for the Bolgheri area after the world wide historical success of the wine Sassicaia.

Quaerendo Invenietis (keep searching and you will find) being their motto, both went back to school to get technical training in Italy as well as in France (University of Bordeaux) and USA (UC Davis);  Khanh even obtained a Master degree in Vineyard and Winery Management under the direction of Prof. Attilio Scienza at the University of Milano.  Then, with the help of winemaking consultant Attilio Pagli well known for his sensitivity to local terroir, they went to work with a clear objective: blending traditional and modern techniques, make the best wines possible that respect the typical characters of the local territory and the integrity of the grapes.

Indeed, they are convinced that the best wine can only be made with perfect grapes from the vineyard itself.  Therefore intensive caring mostly done by hand was given to the vines in function of the specific needs of each varietals, vineyard parcel and vintage conditions. These attentions redouble during the stage of vinification and aging of the wines, again custom tailored to each varietals and parcels, in the aim of preserving the integrity, purity of the fruits, and exalting their original characters. In fact, for this purpose, 6 different clones of Cabernet Sauvignon have been planted to offer complexity and personality to the final wine blends.

Thus all efforts were made to be able at the end to compose blends that gain in freshness of the fruit and complexity of aromas and tastes; that offer for each wine that right balance between elegance, concentration and power. In essence, to make wines that are irresistible in their youth as well as in their longevity, wines that you will want to drink to the last drops, just for the pleasure of the senses.  The Batzella winery offers a fascinating range of artisan wines from elegant reds to fascinating white and rosé wines. Today with the world wide recognition of the quality of our wines, we are proud to say that at the Batzella winery, the artisan becomes the artist to interpret the territory.

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