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History and architecture:

We have an Art Nouveau Wine Cathedral. 1920 marks the first year of harvest that filled Vinícola de Nulles’ cellars. Today, the winery exports approximately 200,000 bottles of cava and 100,000 bottles of wine worldwide under the brand name Adernats.
Lovers of art and architecture are wont to marvel our winery designed by Catalonian architect Cèsar Martinell i Brunet. Martinell, a disciple of the legendary Antoni Gaudí, made a name for himself by designing seven wine cellars scattered throughout Catalonia. Myriad resemblances exist among these septuplets, romantically referred to as the ‘wine cathedrals.’ Martinell derived inspiration from Modernisme and Noucentisme, the latter a Catalan cultural movement born in the early 20th century. With their modern contours and facades built of exposed brick, the ‘wine cathedrals’ emanate a rustic quality with high sophistication.
Adernats Vinícola de Nulles’s functionality matches up to its beauty. High windows allow sunlight to stream in, thus filling the building with friendly warmth while also decreasing dependency on electricity. The colossal wine tanks occupying most of the building were designed to maintain constant temperatures vital to wine and cava quality. Moreover, the brick arches upon which the wine tanks were built help promote airflow to dissipate carbon dioxide buildup in the winery

Brand and products:

Our values are to protect and increase the importance of the agricultural activity specifically the vineyard cultivations and oenology by achieving a quality that meets the highest market standards. We intend to produce wines that can be afforded by everyone and which allow us to compete with the “finest” in all respects

The Adernats image represents a renewed brand where wines and cavas are de result of many years or hard work, professionalism and experience. We focus on new wines and cavas of delicately elaborated aromas, which have rewarded us with various awards at renowned competitions and are constantly looking to the future. These wines and cavas are the result of continuous investigation and create new prospects for our brand.

In order to meet with expectations, we progressively include the latest technology in our production process so that the final consumer can enjoy a good wine and the vine cultivator can receive a just reward for this work. Adernats Vinícola de Nulles endeavor to achieve unique quality products and offer an attractive price that does not harm the market, due to excessive imbalance or a reduction in the price of our work.

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  1. Cava and architecture lovers –don’t miss Andernats in Nulles. Here you will find a wine cathedral designed by Catalonian architect Cèsar Martinell i Brunet, as well as a full line of Cava’s including one of the 50 Great Cava award winners. Also check out the estate grown olive oil and hazelnuts.

  2. One of the wine cathedrals designed by César Martinell in 1917, has withstood the test of time. The winery was built using the principle of “form follows function” and, although modernized, still applies the principle today. Wine enthusiasts can experience several Cavas and wines made from the grapes Macabeo, Parellada, Xarel-lo and many others. Their XC Gran Reserva is one of the 50 Greatest Cavas.

  3. Our visit to the winery included an enthusiastic tour of vineyards, winery, Cava tasting and a Catalonian-style dinner. Dinner was on the upper level of the cathedral which had numerous arches of red brick, all adding to the ambiance of the dinner and Cavas. The winery building, built in the cathedral style is a photographer’s delight. Upon leaving after the sun had set, I grabbed a photo of the moon with the stunning cathedral-style winery.

    Note: Our visit to the winery was part of the 50 Great Cavas Media Tour sponsored by Wine Pleasures.

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